Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review: Braun Thermoscan 3 Ear Thermometer IRT 3020

The James family must have been good boys and girls this year, as we have been lucky enough to receive The Braun Thermoscan 3 Ear Thermometer which retails at £32.99 and is available at Asda, Mothercare and Tesco.

The timing couldn't better, as the dreaded lurgy struck the James Household last night. My Son Bryn started vomiting in the middle of the night, and we have all been feeling a bit under the weather. We do own a cheap ear thermometer but it doesn't give accurate readings so I jumped at the chance to review this one, in the hope that it would actually work.

The Thermometer boasts a 1 second reading which can be extremely handy when you have a wriggly toddler/baby. I initially balked at the sight of the chunky instructions- I am a bit of an instructaphobe, but don't be put off as the Thermometer is actually very easy to use. With the touch of a button the Thermometer is ready to use, and you simply position it in the ear and after the beep it gives a super quick reading on the LCD display which shows in either Celcius or Farehnheit (depending on what you prefer) Celsius (34 - 42.2°C) or Fahrenheit (93.2 - 108°F) . The memory also recalls the last temperature reading so you can track temperature changes.  There are also no hygiene worries as it comes with a pack of 20 disposable lens filters. Once you have used the thermometer, dispose of the lens filter, and then replace with a new one. You can buy packs of 40 disposable lens packs at Mothercare for a very reasonable £8.16. These should last you a very long time unless your very unlucky in the illness stakes. The Thermometer also comes with a free 2 year warrranty and is suitable for the whole family. It also shuts off after 60 seconds which saves the battery. This has been professionally tested to ensure its accuracy and is the number one ear thermometer recommended by doctors. You can't get a higher recommendation than that!

The Thermometer seems very sturdy and well made so it gets a big thumbs up from the James Household. I also think it would make a fantastic gift for new parents, as its extremely useful and gives super quick results. I always have nightmares about a time when my daughter was a young baby. I bought a cheap digital thermometer off the internet, and the instructions said that I should take the temperature rectally. I thought it was a bit odd but I did as it said. I phoned NHS Direct and when they found out how I had been taking her temperature, they gave me a proper telling off. Apparently I could have done some real damage because I didn't know what was doing. I would have been so grateful if someone had bought me one of these thermometers rather than a cute outfit which my child would only wear a handful of times.

If you are on the look out for an effective Ear Thermometer, I would highly recommend this. It's affordable and it works! If you want to buy one, you can find out more by clicking on the following link www.braunthermometers.co.uk

* Disclosure- I have been provided with the thermometer free of charge in return for providing a comprehensive review. I have not been told what to say, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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