Sunday, 30 December 2012

Smart ideas for Christmas from Morphy Richards

What do you think of when you think of Morphy Richards?  Personally I think of the mother in law. The Jammy wench has all the Morphy Richards quality gadgets that I desire. Her Kitchen is full of stylish Morphy Richards items that make her less than busy life even easier. Every year I make an effort to gush over all her Morphy Richards kitchen Gadgets, while she tells me how amazing they are. I do this, not because I want to make her feel any better about her amazing gadgets, but because I am dropping serious hints for Christmas. 

Every year I live in hope that on Christmas day, my hints have been noticed and I will be opening my present on Christmas Day from the mother in law, to reveal a much wanted Morphy Richards kitchen item. I imagine my delight, my heart felt gratitude and my excitement and what I will receive. Would it be a Nesta Filter Coffee Maker or a 3-in-1-Twisting-Mixer or a Intellisteam-Steamer

The day came, and I made my way over to the mother in laws. I have to say that when she handed me my Christmas present, it didn't look very promising. Mainly because it was very small. I started too clutch at straws as I thought that maybe Morphy Richards had come up with some new fangled Kitchen invention that happened to be very small- maybe a mini blender, or cork screw. I ripped open the paper, took a deep breath, and revealed a of cheap purfume. Mother in law, I hate you.......

Now, if I had known that Morphy Richards had a brilliant new Facebook App which allows you to create your Morphy Richards Christmas list to send to Freinds and Family, then perhaps I wouldn't have been disappointed yet again! 

If I had used the app, It probaly would have been as long as my arm (and the James family are known for having long arms!) but these would have been my top 3 items- Not that my mother in law would have been that generous.

This super Stylish Coffee Maker is sure to be the envy of everyone. It has brushed stainless steel and delivers great tasting espresso and filter coffee. The maker has an Expresso Function that is both Compatible with ground coffee and Pods. I love Coffee and I love the sound of this Coffee Maker.

I am afraid that as of late, I have been known to induldge in the odd slab of chocolate cake. Ok, I'm lying.... I am a full blown chocoholic. The cushion has definately got to go, so perhaps this bit of Gadgetry will help me on my way. I have been known to burn most of what we eat, but this grill has an in built function which allows you cook your food to the perfect temperature and to your own individual tastes. Pretty Cool

3, A Soup Maker

Aswell as being a full blown Chocoholic, my one saving grace is that I do like a nice big bowl of soup. You can makeplenty of delicioous healthy soups and this would be the perfect Kitchen Tool to do it. Simply select the setting you want for Chunky or smooth soup. Yum Yum

Any of these items would make great christmas gifts for those you love, and if anyone I know and love is reading this.....TAKE THE HINT!

These really are smart ideas for Christmas from Morphy Richards

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Daxon’s VIP Fashion Bloggers

Calling all Fashionista's! 

You may not have heard of Daxon but it is part of the Redcats group which is the third largest home shopping network in the world. They specialise in top quality clothing at very reasonable prices. Daxon are also currently holding a 70% off sale so now is the perfect time to check them out. 

Check out some of the lovely items I found on their website, for my perfect winter outfit

Ladies Cowl-Neck Dress  for £10.00

Ladies Black & White Floral Print Leggings for £12.00

Pediconfort® boots for £95

 are giving bloggers who love fashion a fantastic opportunity! Click on the following link for details

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Get Fit and Feel Epic plans

I am ashamed to say that my good intentions about healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle have gone by the wayside of late. I had successfully shed some weight but stress and looking after 2 toddlers whilst working full time have led me to take solace in food again. My ideal weight is around 9 stone (I'm 5'4) but when I stepped on the dread scales today I was not surprised when I weighed in at just over 10 stone.  I am still just within the healthy BMI range of 25 but only just. The truth is I don't feel comfortable with my current size, and I definitely don't feel fit and energized.

My Goals for 2013 are primarily to lose the cushion, cut down on unhealthy sweet treats and to start exercising again. These are my goals but I need a plan of action.

Earlier in the year I started using the Slim Pod Which I found really effective. I simply had to listen to a CD before bed each night, and I found my deep rooted eating habits changing. I was starting to pick healthier options and reducing my portion sizes without much effort. I am not going to lie and say I needed no willpower but it definitely helped. It is just a shame that stress in my personal life led to me stopping listening to my CD so the effect wore off.

My plan is to start listening to the CD which is named Drop 2 dress sizes or more and get my healthy eating back on track.

My second plan is to get walking more. I love hill walking but the demands of working full time and looking after 2 toddlers has meant that I just don't currently have the time. I am determined to make the time next year so that I get fit and active again.

Maybe it would be an idea for me to enter the Get Fit Feel Epic competition. Simply tell the  tool how much you drink, smoke and eat in a week, then tell it how much you would like to cut down to. Then hit the button, and you can find out exactly how much money you could save in a year. Sounds good to me as I could do with saving money and getting healthy- it would help my stress levels to.

As a bonus, the lovely Jo from 2 Stars and a Swirl blog is running her own competition to win a  Fitbit Zip and Fitbit Wi-Fi Scales. Check the following link to enter!

Good Luck!