Thursday, 11 October 2012

Boys in tights- a new trend or fashion faux pas?

I came across boys tights last year after reading fellow bloggers, blog about Slugs and Snails . I have to admit that I am not one to follow fashion, but I loved how quirky and different these were.

I tried a few times to win some, but alas I failed so I was really chuffed when I noticed that they had a sale on the site where you could pick up a pair of seconds for 5 Euros- Its an Irish site! So far I have treated my son Bryn to four pairs and they are simply lovely. I love the bright and vibrant designs, and find they go well with Dungarees. The winter will be the perfect time to show them off but I know that they are not everyone's cup of tea. The other day I took him to the mother in laws in them, and she hated them. Much to my delight!

What are you thoughts on Boy Tights. Are they going to take off, or is my son Bryn going to hate me in years to come for inflicting them on him!

Boy tights are available from

Please note that I haven't been sponsored for this post, I am simply posting about a product I love!

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  1. I really like them!! Not sure my o/h would think the same, but will be having a look at the website :)


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