Monday, 22 October 2012

Anger Management- Advice needed!

This is an uncomfortable post for me as it means admitting something in the public domain which I am deeply ashamed about.

Most people when they meet me, may see me as a little shy, or even worse- a little aloof. I am the first to admit that my social skills aren't great, and I recently scored highly on a autistic traits test(although it was taken on Facebook so could be a load of old bollocks!). I doubt that many people would suspect that there is a huge green incredible hulkess lurking behind my quiet exterior.

There are 2 people that seem to bring this unwanted quality out in me and unfortunately it's my kids. I love them both dearly, but there are times (which are coming all the more frequent) where I totally lose my temper and become this irrational monster. I
always feel tremendously guilty afterwards, but this rage seems to be building inside me and I don't know why.

I feel quite down sometimes and I am wondering if it is symptom of depression or stress. The only thing I do know is that I want it to stop for my families sake. If anyone has experienced similar and managed to put a stop to it, I would love to hear from you.



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  1. Esther, stress is certainly the fuel that anger needs and there is bound to be a relationships. You mention you are not seen as angry. This is common and internalised anger can often be linked to depression. Your kids are the ones that get it because they are the one that love you enough to put up with it. Anger is about power, boundaries and crucially about understanding yourself. Book yourself onto a really good anger management course and benefit from some really good personal development


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