Monday, 8 October 2012

My stinky rug and how RugDoctor saved it

I have this rug, bought about 2 years ago in an effort to make my living room more homely. It was a vibrant red, and I loved it!

Fast forward 2 years, and quite frankly its 'manking'. The arrival of baby Bryn last October and experiments in baby led weaning mean that all kinds of crap have been ground in to it. Now if I had been a dutiful wife and mother, I would have spent every evening hand scrubbing it in order to keep it in pristine condition. Instead, I have spent every evening after putting the kids to bed, staring at this thing in a semi comatose state, and stuffing my face whilst looking at it mournfully.

Please see my shameful rug:

Finally a decision had to be made, as I couldn't bear the shame of my stinky rug any longer. 'Its got to go in the skip!', I cried to my husband. As My husband contemplated the thought of shelling out for a new rug, he suddenly become passionate about keeping it. 'It will be good as new with a bit of a clean'. I stared at the rug in despair. How was I ever going to get this sorry thing looking good as new.

Thankfully Rug Doctor came to the rescue when I posted my plea for help on Twitter. They sent me a bottle of RugDoctor Spot & Stain Remover which has benefited from a new formulation. The bottle proudly declares that it will eliminate most tough stains. It was going to have its work cut out with my rug!

My houseproud gran was due to visit, so I took the opportunity to see if my rug could be salvaged. I generously sprayed the whole rug, and held my breath. After a minute of two I set to scrubbing the rug. Lo and Behold it was saved. I was really impressed with how it came up and will definitely be keeping the bottle on hand for future Bryn related stains.

I think the results speak for themselves! RugDoctor Spot & Stain is available at most major supermarkets where Rug Doctors are available to hire.

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Rug Doctor Spot & Stain remover free of charge for purpose of this review.

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