Friday, 24 February 2012

Babi Pur competition to win a Snowdonia log cabin break

Babi Pur are running a wonderful competition on their blog in conjuction with Trawsfynydd Holiday Village. They are offering one person the chance to win a log cabin break and a limited edition 3 in 1 Wishbone Bike. Please click on the following link to enter:

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Breast Feeding MEME

I came this Breastfeeding MEME which I thought I would post onto the blog.

1. Why did you choose boob over bottle?

I was absolutely adamant that I would try my best not to give my son a bottle as there is no doubt that 'Breast is Best' With my first child Breastfeeding did not work out as she failed to latch on so I was determined to make a go of it this time. Breastfeeding is a wonderful feeling and its also free aswell as being less hassle in the long run.

2. How long did you breastfeed or are you planning to breastfeed?

I have been breastfeeding for the last four months. I return to work in 2 months time so I may need to stop then but it would be nice to continue with the odd feed if I can.

3. What is the best thing about breastfeeding?

I have an incredible bond with my son which unfortunately I didn't experience with my dauughter who was bottle fed. I also love that I don't have to worry about preparing bottles, sterilising and forking out for expensive formula.

4. Did you have to overcome challenges on your breastfeeding journey?

The first few weeks were very challenging as he was feeding every hour so I was absolutely exhausted. I also had problems getting him to latch on correctly but we seem to have nailed it now! You really have to perservere and there were many times I felt like giving up. I am so proud of what I have managed to achieve.

5. Who supported you the most with breastfeeding?

My health visitor was fantastic and gave me loads of support and advice. I also joined a Breastfeeding support group which I also found very supportive. My husband wasn't as supportive as he could have been as he felt that he wasn't getting the same bond with his son that he did when he was feeding his daughter. He also got fed up with me moaning about being tired so frequently told me to give it up. Men eh!
6. How did you feel when you first breastfed in public?

I felt nervous at first but just got on with it. Unfortunately the hubby told me that I was 'exposing' myself too much when doing (I haven't mastered the art of being discreet!) so this made me quite self conscious. I can't say that I really enjoy doing it in public and prefer it in the comfort of my own home.

7. Have you been questioned for breastfeeding?

Yes, It has suprised me how many people are anti breastfeeding. I remember my mother in law taking great pleasure in telling me that breastfed babies are generally more unsettled according to a recent study. My gran also encouraged me to give up.

8. Has breastfeeding made you feel different about your body?

Not at all. I'm not happy with my body but Breastfeeding has made no difference to this!

9. What do you wish you had known before making the decision to breastfeed your baby?

I think training on how to breastfeed is essential in making those first few weeks goes as smoothly as possible. I was naive in thinking it would be straightforward, but there is definately an art to it!

Giveaway #1- Baby's First Calendar

I am very excited to be running my first giveaway on my blog courtesy of Baby's First Calendar. I reviewed the Calendar a few weeks ago on my blog and I have been lucky enough to have been given one to giveaway to one lucky reader.

If you are struggling to think of a gift to buy for your friends/family new born baby or friends baby shower, worry no more. I have come across this great product which is sure to be the answer.  Instead of buying the typical boring baby outfit which the baby will only probably wear once, why not purchase a Baby's First Calendar. This personalised Calendar is the ultimate baby keepsake which records their key milestones in an easy and fun way. There are stickers for each milestone, an in built room thermometer, safe sleeping advice and space to attach baby’s birth details and photo’s.  It is in an easy to use Poster format so no fiddly baby record book to fill in that just gets forgotten about.

  Baby’s First Calendar Ltd are also a Sponsor to the Cot Death Charity FSID (Foundation for the Study Of Infant Deaths). They donate 10 pence from every sale to FSID to help fund  researchto prevent cot deaths. I'm sure you will agree that this is a very worthy cause. Baby's first Calendar won a Small Business Sunday / #sbs award from Dragons Den Star Theo Paphitis so you can't really get a better endorsement than from a Dragons Den member.  Another great thing about these calendars are that they retail at £17.95 so are really affordable and I am sure that any recipient of one of these calendars would be really pleased to receive such a thoughtful and practical gift! check out the website  of facebook page  for more details.

To win one of these Lovely Calendars, just complete the Rafflecopter form below (If it isn't visible, just refresh the page). The competion will end at Midnight on Saturday the 03rd of March.<a 

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bad Muthahood incident #1

I'm suffering with a guilty conscience today which is pretty typical with my record of shoddy motherhood.

My son Bryn is currently teething so cue lots of dribbing , lots of grizzling and not much sleep for me. When he is like this, I can openly admit that he is quite HARD WORK! I know that might be a shock to some of you with your rose tinted specs but motherhood/parenthood is not all smiles and magic moments. In a bid to limit the pain of dealing with a grumpy baby, I elected to take him out to my local playgroup. I always find the company of other bedraggled mothers helps my sanity as I stop thinking I am the only one in this state and can have a good moan about the babies latest misdemeanors.

As usual, I was in a mad rush. Good mothers may be able to get their children out of the house on time, smartly dressed and fully prepared for their trip out but being a bad mutha means that we are constantly running late, in a shabby state and totally unprepared. I quickly shoved baby Bryn in his car seat which is part of his Graco travel system (excellent travel system bought for the princely sum of £10 from ebay- no expense spared for my little cherub!). I then put the car seat into the pushchair in order to make haste down to the car, and didn't really pay much attention to what I was doing as I was too busy shouting expletives at the hubby while frantically looking for my car keys. The journey to my car involves taking the travel system down a small flight of steps at the front of my house. As I clumsily dragged the pushchair down the steps, Bryns car seat suddenly came lose from the pushchair and somersalted down the steps.  My heart was literally in my mouth as I saw him flying through the air and land face down on the path. I squealed and ran towards my little angel who was now screaming hysterically but was overcome with relief when I saw that he was ok, apart from being severely traumatised! It turns out that I had failed to click the car seat into place which had led to this terrible example of bad muthahood. This 'bad mutha' really must try harder!

Lessons learnt

  1. Be organised in the morning so that I am not in a mad rush to get out of the house (realistically never going to happen)
  2. Always strap baby into his car seat
  3. Always make sure the car seat is clicked into place before setting off from the house
Anyway, I hope you good mothers are not too shocked by what you have read today. You can now go off and feel rather smug that this would never ever happen to your little angel. I am almost certain that another example of bad muthahood will occur tommorrow (as it does most days) so will be updating my blog with the next incident shortly!