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I Have Problem Skin! SK:N Clinics To The Rescue

Lets talk about Spots and acne! I used to think that spots and acne were a teenage problem, that would disappear in a massive puff of smoke as soon as people reached their twenties. We are all subjected to the stereotype of the moody spotty teenager, but the reality is that many people are affected by spots and acne throughout adulthood. Acne can be either teenage acne or mature acne. 

 I have to be honest, since my teenage years I haven't had flawless skin. My acne problem got so bad in my late twenties that I visited my GP, as I was fed up of being constantly embarrassed with my spotty skin. My GP didn't seem very sympathetic and simply gave me some cream which didn't really work. Luckily after stopping taking the contraceptive pill my problem acne has reduced, but I still get spots and acne at the grand old age of 35.

I often find myself green with jealousy when I go out with friends who have flawless skin, and had resigned myself to the fact that my skin would never look as good. That was until I heard of Skn clinics. They have an expert medical team including consultant dermatologists who have 20 years of experience in treating Acne safely and effectively. 

Adult acne is caused by excess oil production on the skin which clogs pores and causes the skin to react with red spots and blemishes. It can also be caused by high levels of testosterone. I don't think I have a lot of testosterone so I think it is the oil production that is the problem in my case. Many people are left with acne scars even when their acne has reduced. Scarring is caused when the dermis (which is the tissue below the surface) becomes inflamed when it tries to repair the damage caused by Acne.  The skins produces collagen in order to repair the skin but too much is generated and this causes scarring and pitted skin. This can be just as upsetting as the acne itself. I have to admit that I do have acne scars caused by my problem skin over the last twenty years, 

Treatments at Skn include Chemical Peel treatments, skin peels and laser treatments for acne. The high tech laser treatment is Isolaz® which uses pore-purifying technology. The laser treatment removes the problematic surface cells without causing damage to ordinary, healthy skin cells.The treatment is long lasting and the skin is purified from the inside and out

You may be slightly reluctant to undergo laser treatment due to concerns about pain or anaesthetic. There is no need to worry as the acne treatment is pain free and carried out by qualified skincare experts. The clinics are regulated by the the Care Quality Commission and the Independent Health Advisory Service so you can be assured you are in safe hands. 

 In most cases after a 6 week treatment programme, people experience effective and long lasting results. The acne begins to fade, and skin does become clearer, with scarring significantly reduced.You can take advantage of a free consultation and prices for laser treatment can be found here with prices starting at just £105!

InnerPeel™ is  another treatment that you may want to consider. It's a programme of chemical treatments that are designed to exfoliate your skin and encourage it to refresh itself by creating fresh new skin cells.

Skin peels on offer for an acne treatment include Microdermabrasion techniques which use tiny crystals to physically remove the cells as well as unclogging pores.  These treatments are versatile as they treat both the acne itself as well as the scars. Skin Peels generally work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow.  Whatever your skin dilemma, there’s sure to be a skin peel that will transform your skin. 

Chemical peels work as an acne treatment by gently rubbing the skin with a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layer of skin.  This encourages collagen production and skin cell regeneration. All skin/chemical peels are pain free which is always good news in my book! They can also help slow down the ageing process and give you a youthful glow, which is helpful especially if you want to bag yourself a toyboy. 

Popular peels include Advanced Salicyclic peels and Advanced Pyruvic peels

The expert staff at the Skn clinic can advise you on what treatment is best for your skin type in a free no obligation consultation. Laser therapy, skin peels and microdermabrasion are effective for virtually everybody.

There is also no need to worry about aftercare, as Skn clinics offer a comprehensive aftercare package for all their customers. You can book a free consultation here or by phoning 0121 567 8368. 

The final thing that I was impressed with after looking at what Skn clinics have to offer was how affordable it was. I initially thought I would need a six figure salary in order to afford one of their treatments, but this is simply not the case.  Prices for skin peels can be found here and start at just £40.  I have already mentioned that the laser treatments start at just £105! I am sure you will agree that it is well worth it for these effective treatments for acne that can give you that skin that you have always craved. 

Skn Clinics are based all over the UK, and you can find details of your nearest clinic here

Skn Clinics also offer a huge range of other treatments such as laser hair removal, mole removal and birthmark removal. Their full list of treatments can be found here 

I am hoping that with treatments such as these I can banish my acne prone skin and bag myself that toyboy I have always wanted (only joking husband!).

What are your experiences of acne and how does it effect your life? I would to hear your thoughs

* This is a sponsored post. 


  1. They never tell you that you still get spots in your 40' have been warned!

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  5. Love the post! And I'm also a sk:n fan and acne victim! Started using their anti-blemish products and have had 2 salicylic peels so far - skin feels and looks so much better and it's only been 3 weeks! :)

    Secret little Stars


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