Thursday, 5 July 2012

PMA- PMT more like!

As Morrisey once said 'Heaven knows I'm miserable now'.

I'm finding it hard to raise a smile at the moment and I need to snap out of it! I don't think its PMT, but I have a face like a smacked kipper which is not what people want to see.

The usual things are bothering me- Lack of money, the weather, work- so nothing knew there, but I have been feeling guilty as I'm taking my bad mood out on the kids.

Iola, my 2 year old is boisterous to say the least, and is definitely high maintenance! I love that she is so clever, but her cleverness leads to mischief, as she can outsmart me in an instant. At the moment, her thing is pinching her brothers dummy. We worked really hard to get her to give it up, but now she thinks its hilarious to keep stealing it from him and having a suck. I don't know why, but it drives me crazy! I am afraid that I lost my rag with her on Monday and shouted at her. Within five minutes she was doing it again!

Maybe its the same with most toddlers, but I watch the other children at mother & toddlers and they seem much more well behaved!

What am I doing wrong? She has been high maintenance since about 18 months, but I am really hoping it is just a phase, a bloody long one!


  1. I find the same thing, La Squeak is a blooming nightmare in my eyes, compared to other people's children. And then I look at her when we're at groups & that, and she seems to be better behaved in public, as if butter wouldn't melt (with occasional screaming fits). Really, they are all as bad as each other, in different ways. Maybe we should trade toddlers for a day - you've done 6 months ago, so Squeaky should be a breeze, and I can have warning of what's to come!

    All you can do is all you can do. There are times when you'll lose it, there's times when I've put MYSELF on the naughty step, just to get a bit of time to breathe. The world only gives us what we can cope with, and you're a fab mummy.

  2. Thanks Dear, I need to get a grip!


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