Saturday, 7 July 2012

First tooth!

Well Today my beautiful Son Bryn had his first tooth and the ripe old age of 8 months! I was beginning to think that they would never make an appearance. he has been very brave and not complained, although he has been off his food which is very unusual (we don't call him Bryn the Bin for nothing!) I would take a photo but he won't let anyone within a mile radius of his mouth unless your offering him food!

I love you Bryn!


  1. It’s a milestone for you as a parent to see the first tooth start to come out of your baby’s gums. It’s so exciting to see that first tooth, right? That’s what I felt when my son had his first tooth. I was more excited than my wife. Haha! He was seven months old that time, and it was the bottom front tooth. I really find it as one of the memorable moments with my family.

    Williams Schermer

  2. That’s good news! Your son didn’t felt any pain while teething. Anyway, have you tried giving him a teething toy?

    -Rae Screen


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