Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Mystery of the email

The last couple of days has not gone well. I came home yesterday, and instantly went to log onto my emails as I do on a daily basis. As I am competition addict, I can't wait to check my emails to see if there are any WEM's (Winning emails) to those who don't know. I also love checking blog updates and all manner of things that are emailed to me.

Imagine my dismay when I couldn't log on. Cue frantic attempts to change my password which all failed. After having a minor meltdown, the husband sent me to phone Sky (He couldn't put up with my tantrum anymore!) When I phoned Sky, they explained (after 20 minutes on hold) that a company had disabled my email, and that they would need to contact them to find out why. The guy on the phone was very vague, and told me he would be ringing me back today with an update. After the phone call, I had time to think about it and it just sounded very strange. I had visions of the fraud squad shutting down my email as they thought I was in some international money laundering ring (not true!)

Anyway, tonight I had another phone call as promised. The guy was able to tell me that it is another department in SKY that has disabled my email but they are still waiting a response. He is going to phone me back on Saturday because he is off work the next few days, with an update. Why he can't get someone else to phone me back, I don't know. Now I am without my emails for at least another 3 days and I have got the cold sweats! Sky, this really isn't good enough! I can feel a letter of complaint coming on.

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  1. Hope you sorted that out. I had terrible problems with Sky when we moved house.


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