Sunday, 15 April 2012

Time to move forward

After a particularly angst ridden post the other day , after a miserable few days I have started to feel slightly better. A relatively decent nights sleep and advice from fellow bloggers always helps. I know my situation is far from ideal but I had a chat with the hubby yesterday and we have both agreed to try harder to make our situation better.

I have spent the last few days having a clear out and putting stuff on ebay which will help the place feel less cluttered and make us a bit of extra cash. I am also going to dedicate more time to my blog to allow me to get these things off my chest as I am guilty of bottling things up and letting them get on top of me. I do think I am suffering with Post Natal Depression still (which I had thought I had got over) so will be contacting my doctor for some further support.

We are going to try and get a bigger place as we recognise that its going to help our relationship and be beneficial for our kids but it is going to be a financial gamble again. I have been accepted for a low rate loan which will give us a deposit for a larger house, and we will rent our current place out (providing we get a mortgage of course!)This will be a risk as we are putting ourselves in further debt and we need to find decent tenants for our current house, but things have got so bad that I think its a risk worth taking. If the worst come to the worst, and it doesn't work out, then we will have to make ourselves bankrupt and suffer the consequences but we will still have eachother. Worse things happen at sea!

The mortgage advisor is coming to see us tommorrow so fingers crossed that things work out and we can move to somewhere with enough space for us!

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