Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Making family chores fun

Chores, don't we just love them! My house is a bit like me, A little bit dishevelled, could do with getting rid of some excess baggage and frequently subject to stains!

 I am afraid that when it comes to household chores, I am no domestic goddess and have been known to run for cover and hide, hoping someone else will get on with it. With 2 children aged under 3, my free time is scarce so given the choice of getting on with the cleaning or logging onto Facebook I am afraid I choose the latter chores get left! Unfortunately as my Darling Hubby is also a bit of a householdchoreaphobe and I don't have the cash for hired help, the task inevitably ends up at my feet (or on my feet in some cases).
As the Household chores have been building up, and I was having to start turning away guests from the house, I suddenly struck upon a brilliant idea!

At the moment my 2 year old is quite demanding (as most children are) and doesn't like to be left unoccupied while I get on with the dreaded chores so I thought why not combine doing  the housework and entertaining her. Household chores don't have to be monotonous and can be fun for all those involved with a little bit of imagination. My daughter loves getting involved and acting like a grownup so I try and get her involved in the chores. She loves playing with water so loves wiping anything with a cloth dipped in water, so I frequently get her to clean up surfaces (although there can be some collateral damage with this!). She also likes standing on a step and helping me wash up, as splashing and playing with bubbles are two of her favourite things! She may not be doing that much actual washing up but she is happy and content so I can get on with the task in hand! She is endlessly amused by the feather duster so has great fun running it up and down the walls while giggling to herself, especially when I grab it off her and tickle her with it! Her absolute favourite chore and the most helpful one is the hoovering. There is something about the noise and the fact she is operating machinery (albeit with close supervision from me) which intrigues and delights her. She takes pride in sucking up all the little bits she can see on the floor, and dancing around with the hoover in her hand.  Now she is at the stage where she is asking to get involved in the chores and my house is a lot cleaner as a result!

So everyone, there is family fun to be had with household chores and whilst we have not invented any trailblazing household chore games, we certainly do have fun together!

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